Everyone has the human right to be safe – if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, Northampton Women’s Aid can help.

What is Interpersonal Violence?
Interpersonal violence is the term used to describe violence between individuals within a family.  Domestic abuse, honour based violence (including female genital mutilation and forced marriage), sexual violence and rape, stalking and harassment, trafficking and adult sexual exploitation are all forms of interpersonal violence.
Domestic violence takes place within an intimate relationship and forms a pattern of bullying and controlling behaviour.  Domestic violence tends to get more severe and happen more often over time. 
If you are being forced to alter your behaviour because you are concerned or frightened of your partner’s reaction, it is likely that you are being abused.
Northampton Women’s Aid operate a 24 hour helpline – call 0845 123 2311 for help and advice
Drop in service at 13 Hazelwood Road, Northampton NN1 1LG  9.00am – 4.30pm (during busy times appointments will have to be arranged)

If you are in immediate danger call the police on 999 or 101

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