Our staff are trained and here to listen and identify ways of helping you – this can include:

  • Providing you with emotional support
  • Giving you the time to talk through your experience
  • Providing you with relevant information and practical advice
  • Signposting you to other specialist services

Call us on 0845 123 2311 to arrange an appointment

Our drop-in service is open between 9.00am and 4.30pm (you may need to book an appointment if there are no advice workers immediately available)

Northampton Women’s Aid 24 Hour Helpline for advice – call 0845 123 2311


Anyone can experience interpersonal violence – it can happen in all kinds of relationships, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, class and lifestyle.  It is rarely a ‘one off’ event and it includes a variety of behaviours:

Emotional Abuse

Belittling, sulking, isolating you from family and friends.

Threats and Intimidation

Threatening to hurt you, destroying objects that belong to you, reading your emails, texts, mail etc.

Physical Abuse

Slapping, punching, kicking etc.

Sexual Abuse

Inappropriate and unwanted touching, unwanted sexual demands, hurting you during sex, rape etc.

Financial Abuse

Controlling all the finances, making you account for every penny you spend, making all the major financial decisions etc.